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So often people stand- up against injustice, not for themselves but to make sure no other person goes through what they went through. That's noble.

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  • aI was unfairly dismissed and I want justice
  • bI was treated badly (state what the employer did) by the employer and I want to take action so that no other employee ever goes through the same horrible experience.
  • cI have been called to a disciplinary hearing and I need support
  • dThe employer is downsizing or claiming to downsize the business and I want legal support
  • eThe employer rejected my application for work/promotion because of my disability, races, gender, etc and I want to take action against the employer.
  • fI am a union member and the union has declined to help me or its help was very poor or fellow union members are part of the problem.

Remember problems can be on anything to do with employment matters.

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